Subj:	Who is Echad?
Date:	97-06-05 09:23:09 EDT
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Subject:       Who is Echad?

I just wanted to share with you, my fellow rooters, something that for me is
very new, but that I am sure that some of you (the rabbi's, Eddie and Cheryle
at least) know beforehand. To me it was highly enlightening to see it:

Remember when Y'shua said: "I am the way, the truth and the life" - when He
spoke this, He identified Himself with the L-rd G-d, YHWH - in a way that was
so clear that even the P'rushim didn't misunderstand it. That was why they
became so mad at Him (I believe!)

The Word Echad (in the Shema: S'hma Israel Adonai Elocheinu, Adonai Echad) is
usually translated as being "ONE" - as far as I understand hebrew the word is
better translated as UNIQUE - because there are no one like the L-rd, no-one at
all. No one compares to Him. He is truly UNIQUE.

But the word contains more. It is an acronym for the words: EMET (Truth) CHAI'M
(Life) and DEREKH (Way, Road).

Therefore, we say that Y'shua identified himself with G-d, when he said, what's
been quoted on top. In fact he said: I am ECHAD! I am the G-d of Israel!

Furthermore: What was written atop the Cross of Y'shua?

INRI? Not by a million chances. According to the Gospel, the sign by Pilate was
written in GREEK, HEBREW and LATIN.

In greek it was written: Hutòs estin Iésis ho basiléys tón Iudaíon. But that is
not interesting. In latin, it was written: Iesos Nazarenvs Rex Iudaorevm -
where the capital letters read INRI, but still: It didn't say Inri. It said
something that made the P'rushim madder than S (your guess!).
In hebrew the sign said: Y'shua Hanotzri Vemelekh Hayehudium - Notice the
Capitalized letters? YHVH - the name of G-d, the allmighty. No wonder they were
madS and said to Pilate: Don't write He is the Son of God - write that He said
He was the Son of G-dS

There is however much more: The name YHVH contains a secret: (Asher) Haya
V'Hove V'Yavo - He who IS, who WAS, and IS TO COME. Now do you remember what
Rabbi Sha'ul of Tarsus said in his letter to the Hebrew Congregation (Chapter
13:8): Y'shua HaMashiach is the same, YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER. In other
words: Y'shua WAS, IS and WILL BE the same. Or: Y'shua is YHVHS

Can it be said any purer than this?
Hope you'll be blessed from these meager thoughts of mine. May the Ruach
HaKodesh be with you.

Your brother in Mashiach,
Lars-Toralf Storstrand

From Eddie:

          Lars, this is OUTSTANDING!  We have had discussions on the 
newsgroup in the past indicating that Yeshua/Jesus is YHVH and the 
Word of G-d (Living Torah) manifested in the flesh.

          However, you have given us additional insights! Halleluyah!